Compilation of Only the Best SHAREit Alternatives with details


Well, I guess you’ve already been using SHAREit application, and I hope our guides helped you to get SHAREit for PC or on Android or any other supported platform. But, now you’re looking for its alternative. That’s maybe due to some technical issue or maybe you’re bored out using the same.

Don’t worry, here I’m writing some of the best SHAREit alternatives with their individual impressions. I’ve checked all the available file sharing apps for Android and iOS platforms, and so, here is my compilation to help you in this situation.

Best SHAREit Alternative

Best SHAREit Alternatives with details


I’m writing this list in an order that the one above all is better than the below ones. So, I hope this helps you to pick and try the best one out here, easily.

#1 Xender

This is my best pick as I’ve installed both SHAREit and Xender apps in my Android tablet. Both apps works fine, and I personally prefer the user interface offered by Xender. Earlier before the recently released design changes in SHAREit, it looked bad enough to force me and many other users to look for its alternative. And, the one name enjoyed the benefit mostly was the Xender.

Best SHAREit Alternatives - Xender File Transfer, Sharing

Apart from looking super awesome, it works at its best and uses the same mechanism as of its main competitive we’re talking about here. It can let you share images, videos, or any other files within a range for free. Trust me, you’re going to like the way this app works.

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#2 SuperBeam

This one over here uses NFC and Wi-Fi Direct Share technologies to actually transfer a file between two compatible devices. Yes, the app needs to be available in both devices in order to make it work. If Wi-Fi Direct isn’t working, then this app continues the file transfer over NFC technology.

Best SHAREit Alternatives - Superbeam

So, you get two options to rely on, which makes this app totally useful. I can assure you that you’ll like the way it looks and how simple it is to use the app and get the job done. Earlier before Xender and SHAREit, SuperBeam was enjoying the number one spot.

So, if you are looking for an older and better alternative, then SuperBeam should be your pick. Millions of its users hardly get any issues while using it.

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#3 Zapya

This is among those few file sharing apps which are available for the Windows Phone platform, apart from just being available for Android. So, if you’re looking for a file sharing app for Windows Phone and looking to transfer files between Windows Phone device and Android, then Zapya is the app to look for.

Best SHAREit Alternatives - Zapya - File Transfer, Sharing


It looks decent, though I’m not a big fan of how it looks, but it gets the job done easily. There is no need to read any user guid to understand how it functions, which saves time. Also, this is the only reason why I’m still recommending this app.

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#4 CShare

Transfer Files Anywhere is what this app says and I’m sure you’re going to love the way it works. It can quickly allow you in your need here, but don’t expect it to look super elegant.

Best SHAREit Alternatives - CShare

In fact, I think that it looks old, and the designer behind needs to learn 2015 standard of design language. But, at its functionality, it never stops from offering its services.

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#5 Share it

This one over here is another old app which has been serving the Android users before SHAREit or any other newbies came. It works as it should and allows quick file sharing, supporting almost any kind of file your smartphone can open. It requires both the device to carry the same app, and never touches the data network to initiate the file transfer.

Best SHAREit Alternatives - Share it

It does look old, and requires a makeover, but I guess you’re looking for a functionality here, rather than super good looking skin. Though its name might confuse you!

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#6 ShareCloud

ShareCloud is the last recommendation from my side that can help you with your hunt for SHAREit alternative.

Best SHAREit Alternatives - ShareCloud (Share Apps)

It allows file sharing through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more. So, covering all the base is what this app is good at.

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Finally, which particular one you’re picking and why? Let’s discuss in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this compilation if it helped you.

Compilation of Only the Best SHAREit Alternatives with details
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