SHAREit for PC Download Official Easy Method with Video


A quick procedure to download SHAREit for PC, is the one you’re looking for, and we’re sharing exactly the same. This is because, if you happen to use this app anyhow on computer/laptop, then you no longer need to rely on usual USB cable, or Bluetooth methods to transfer files from one device to another. You can watch our video tutorial to have a better visual on the application for iPhone, Android, and PC platforms.

Welcome, the next generation of the file transfer which works completely wireless. The method relies on an application named SHAREit and you are at the right place looking at the exact and simplest method to get SHAREit for PC app download.

We’ll try our best to feed in the complete information, and we’ll even help you in the discussion section, if in case, you’ll have some concerns to be taken care of.

SHAREit for PC app Download


Go through the process described below to download SHAREit for PC, and once you’re done then you can also check other related guides like the app’s review, related tutorials, etc. In short, this blog is a one stop location to know everything about this perfect file transfer application.

You can also check our detailed review of the application, along with a special coverage that will help you always get the newer version of the application. If you don’t believe on our words now, then give this blog a chance, read the method you prefer of using SHAREit app, and if you find any issues, then we’ll always be available at the discussion section, beneath every page.

Reason behind existence of SHAREit for PC app

Before getting started with the installation procedure, there is one thing you need to know, and that’s the reason behind its development and existence.

As notified by a lot of researches conducted throughout the world. USB storage weren’t good for file transfer when it comes to critical situations, especially when the files were totally private or confidential, as they were no longer safe, which they claim to be in starting. Of course, you can scan the media storage devices for virus or malware, but still it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get anything malicious.

SHAREit for PC app Download1

So, to save everyone from this situation, apps like SHAREit were introduced which works wirelessly. It doesn’t mean that there is no way to input a malicious object through in this method, but still its way safer than the traditional USB transfer method.

It setups a Wireless Wi-Fi hotspot, which only two of the devices are connected. Now, only the two devices can talk to each other, and, thus, the file shared between are totally safe. No other device or hacker can intrude between that network, unless specified by the prime users.

Before you begin with the procedure, here is one key thing to know. There are two methods to proceed, one of them, is simple and straight, while the second one, is simple, but little lengthy. Still, both methods can be followed by any of our reader, as we’ll be sharing individual instructions. Any normal user should pick the first method, but if you’re looking for more options, probably to get more apps and games on PC, then second method is highly recommended to try.


Method 1:- Official Lenovo Site Download

This is the first method, which I’ll recommend to go with. It will help you get the official SHAREit PC version, which comes without any price tag, and doesn’t require any support software to install first. So, follow the link and get over with this thing.

Method 2:- Download & Install using BlueStacks

The second best and another safest method to go through, which requires additional software like BlueStacks app player, which is itself, safe to use, and very popular among the community. Check out the related coverage, if you’re interested in this method, and you’ll find every required instruction mentioned clearly over there, with related media files. You can also watch our SHAREit for PC download video tutorial to understand it with visuals.

App for smartphone devices

If you’re not aware of the fact, that the app started its journey on smartphones and tablets. So, if you own a smart device powered by any of the following platforms, then follow the particular link and you’ll get to the page where you can grab the official SHAREit app version downloaded.

Android Smartphone/Tablet (Google Play)

Now, for the iOS running devices, i.e., the iPhone or iPad, or iPod Touch, you need to follow the below mentioned link. Make sure that the iOS version isn’t older than 6.0, and the device you bought is at least 2013 model, for better experience.

iOS (App Store)

Now, for the Windows Phone OS running devices, following is the link to follow. You need to understand that the devices supported here are only those which are running Windows Phone 8, or 8.1, or the latest 10 OS.

Windows Phone (Store)

Unlike PC platform, the app gets installed on the device, by automation, as all the required ingredients are already in place. You just have to get to its official listing page, and then tap on Install option ahead.

Final Words

So, what’s your take on this method to get SHAREit for PC download, we shared above? I guess, you’re all set to move ahead and get started with using it. Trust me, your decision is really good because you’ll experience the highest possible file transfer speed through wireless methods.

We hope this coverage helped you in every possible way to get the app downloaded, and now its time for you to help this guide. The only favour we’re asking of is to share this page with rest of your Facebook, Google+, or Twitter friends and followers. After helping yourself with the guide, it’s now time to help others. Will you help everyone else with this guide on download SHAREit for PC?

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SHAREit for PC Download Official Easy Method with Video
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