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Hello friends! This tutorial is about how to download SHAREit for PC available on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1. Please read the full post for it.

SHAREit is one of the best Android App which makes it possible to send media files like videos, images, etc at really great speed between various devices including Android, PC, iOS, etc. It’s also possible to share Apps directly from one smartphone to another using this amazing app.

Users can transfer GBs of data and files from PC to mobile and mobile to PC within matter of time without any kind of cables or USB drives and data charges. SHAREit creates wifi connection between the two devices to transfer the data from one device to another.

So without any kind of further delay let’s start the tutorial. I have provided multiple method to use SHAREit for PC.

In this guide I have given the complete method to easily install SHAREit App on PC without any issue. Below I have provided two working method to use SHAREit App on your Windows PC but I recommend users to use the official method only.

SHAREit for PC Download


Download SHAREit for PC Free : Official Lenovo

In order to use SHAREit on PC please follow the below given steps correctly so that you will the app will get ready to use in just 5-10 minutes on your computer.

Note : I request users to don’t skip any step which is provided here because all these are very important to really actually use this program on PC without any problem or issue.

  1. Begin with downloading the SHAREit PC software’s installer package from official site. SHAREit App is available for free on Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 also.
  2. Once the downloading part is finished you can begin installation part. Just double click on the setup file which you downloaded in previous step and then follow required instructions generated by the program.
    shareit for pc
  3. Start SHAREit App once you are done with installation part so that you will be able to see User Interference of the software.
  4. Later on click on “Connect Android Device”.
  5. Now open SHAREit 3.0 App on Android And click on “Connect PC”.
    SHAREit PC
  6. Just select your PC or Laptop
  7. Now SHAREit app will establish connection between Computer and Android, now you can easily transfer any file from android to PC and PC to Android with the help of SHAREit Program.

The above given method is official which is directly given by Lenovo website but if you still want to follow the unofficial and not so recommended method then you can check the guide given below. If you are Mac user then check this guide on how to use SHAREit on Mac.

How to use SHAREit PC App?

If you want to know that how to use SHAREit App on your PC in more detail then I have given the complete tutorial for the same. Expert users don’t require to read the below given content but if you are someone who don’t know how to actually use this app (like me) then you can check the below given settings and steps on how to exactly use and install SHAREit PC.

Step 1: Once the program is complete downloaded and installed just open it from Menu.

Step 2: Users need to set the default path where they want to receive the files from other devices (kindly refer to the below screenshot). You can also set the Device name.


Step 3: Send and Receive files, as you can see two buttons one is for receiving files and other one is to send files from your device to another. If you click on Send then you will be sharing files from your PC or Android Smartphone to other party and if you choose Receive then you will be able to save files from others.


Step 4: Send Files : Once you select “Send” you have to click on “Browse” option and choose the files which you want to send to your friend.SHAREit App

Step 5: Receive Files : If you have selected “Receive” then you will then you will need to connect with other devices as shown below.

SHAREit Free Download

Step 6: Confirmation : You will get confirmation that the file is received or sent successfully or not.

SHAREit Windows

SHAREit on PC Free Download with Bluestacks :

Note : I recommend users to use first method only since its official one but if you still have any kind of problem or issue with the original process then you can surely follow this tutorial to download SHAREit App for PC.

  1. First of all download Bluestacks App Player program from the given link.
  2. This software is available for Windows and Mac, just choose your desired operating system and click on download
  3. Once it’s downloaded just install the program and open it.
  4. Now you need to connect Bluestacks with Google Account which is required and important step here.
  5. After that just click on search and type “SHAREit”
    official app
  6. Install the app as you do in your Android Smartphone.shareit bluestacks
  7. Now you can easily connect other PC and Phones and transfer files directly.

I think both the methods are quite easy but as will always suggest users to go with first method only.

Features of SHAREit for PC:

Wireless devices with SHAREit can automatically find each other in range and can transfer huge files and videos in fraction of seconds with a speed faster than Bluetooth. The Shared files will be stored directly on your device. You can also get SHAREit App on your Windows Phone.

The reasons due to which SHAREit is so popular amongst the users are:

  1. There is no requirement for external data plan.
  2. The data can be transferred between two devices at a super fast speed.
  3. This application can transfer all the types of data that includes images, documents, music files, videos, pdf file etc without any issue.
  4. Users can also transfer and share Android Apps with one click.
  5. The backup of the photos can be done easily.
  6. SHAREit supports group sharing upto 5 devices simultaneously at a time.

Even though there are so many other features and functions of this app but I reviewed out just few important one as it becomes little bit difficult to cover all the features here.

Frequently Asked Question and Solutions : SHAREit for PC

Now let’s move on to the FAQ section. Here, I have answered all the small queries which will make it easy for users to adapt the functions of app without any issue.

Which OS is supported by this program?

SHAREit App is available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Windows PC. (Right now it’s not available for Mac users officially but we can use Bluestacks method to make it run on Mac OS X)

Can I connect my device with other platform?

Yes, users can easily connect SHAREit PC to Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. Reverse is also possible without any kind of problem.

Sending Whole Folder is possible or not?

Yes, it’s one of the main feature of SHAREit for PC App as users are allowed to share complete folder also.

What about file size limit?

There is no limit as such but yes it’s of course not possible to send 100 GB file.

My Privacy is protected or not?

This app is fully protected and user’s privacy is completely secured while using the app.

Can I share contacts using SHAREit App?

Yes, this feature is officially available for Android users only, for other users it will be made available soon.

Can I use SHAREit on PC without WiFi?

No, it’s not at all possible to use this app without Wi-Fi facility. So the very first requirement to use SHAREit PC App is to have working Wi-Fi functionality.

Do I have to pay for Internet Data Charge?

Apart from downloading the app you don’t at all require any kind of Internet Data to run this application.

Is there any Group SHARE feature available?

Yes users are allowed to share files and folders in group with multiple devices but currently this feature is limited to Android, iPhone and Windows Phone users only.

How fast I am able to share the file?

You will be able to share any kind of media file like images, videos, music, etc at blazing fast speed of upto 10 mbps.

Conclusion : SHAREit PC App

So I tried to cover pretty much everything in this complete post like how to download SHAREit for PC with official installer file and Android Emulator, features and functions part and finally FAQs section.

I think SHAREit App is becoming a part of our daily life since old ways of sharing files like Bluetooth is getting less popular nowadays. We all like to do things with speed and so using apps like SHAREit is smart move. I am using this application since last 8 months and I am just loving it.

Let me Know if you meet any issues and also the experience you have with method and application. And if you have find this tutorial useful do not forget to share with your friends so that next time when you meet then you can easily exchange your data with each other at a super fast speed.

I hope that you enjoyed this post on SHAREit for PC Download on Windows 7, Windows 8.1/10 Free and I request you to keep on visiting this site in future also.

SHAREit for PC Download – Windows 7/8.1/10 Free App
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